Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Spending Ban

I have decided to put myself on a spending ban until the 1st of July. I have been overspending recently and that needs to change! From now on, I will only be purchasing products I run out of, such as mascara, eyeliner, foundation, hair products and body lotions. A lot of people do project 10 pan, but I feel that it's inappropriate for me, seeing as I have a relatively limited amount of make-up and it takes me forever to run out of make-up products! Feel free to join me if you feel the need to, and wish me luck! x


  1. Iv gone two weeks with out buying anything..makes u enjoy what you have more.
    However i go on holiday in 2 weeks and i feel the temptation of duty free may be too much..but i will of gone 4 weeks by then and i will be on holiday so it wont count lol x

  2. @MacJunkie09
    I don't think duty free counts! you're saving money in a way... hahaha. have a wonderful holiday! x

  3. I am on a spending ban too! Mine will hopefully last until June 20th. I also felt the urge to write about it in my blog...

  4. @Catanya
    I actually got the idea from you, after reading your blog post on it! :) x

  5. O god I have so many products I have used up, I was going to set myself the project 10 pan but I cant because my skin changes all the time.