Tuesday, June 29, 2010

GOSH Golden Dragon

I honestly don't know why I hadn't discovered the beauty of GOSH nail polish earlier, considering it's stocked in most Superdrug stores! Anyhow, Hong Kong drugstores now also carry GOSH, to my delight. Last week I picked up Holographic and Golden Dragon.

Golden Dragon is  a evergreen colour (couldn't think of a more accurate shade of green), with loads of fine gold shimmer shot through. In certain lighting it can also look a bit more turquoise. Needless to say, I've fallen in love with this shade and can't stop staring at my nails! Plus, it's so nice to finally have a different colour on my nails after over 3 weeks of Barry M Block Orange!

With flash

Without flash

Close-up. Weird angle... promise my thumb isn't actually that strange lol.

What do you guys think of this colour? Are there any other GOSH shades you would recommend? xxx

The Bambi Obsession Continues...

Second Summer 2010 - my favourite picks:

June Favourites

I recently made a video on my make-up favourites throughout the month of June. Please feel free to check it out below :)

I will most likely be a little MIA for the next 10 days, simply because my boyfriend is visiting me. Hopefully I'll have some follow me around vlogs to show for it xxx

Monday, June 28, 2010

Updated Wish List

These are the items currently on my wish list. It's getting ever so long!!

1. Urban Decay Naked Palette (Autumn 2010)

Ever since I saw this on Temptalia, I've been dreaming about it. Look at those amazing neutrals! Also love how it has a mix of shimmery and matte eyeshadows. It also comes with a double ended 24/7 liner pencil - zero (black) on one end and whiskey (rich dark brown) on the other, and a mini UDPP. Hope I can get my hands on this palette. I don't think there's any Urban Decay in Hong Kong :'( I believe this is being released tomorrow in the US!

2. Viva La Juicy/ Juicy Couture perfume

Believe it or not, I only smelled this for the very first time yesterday when I popped into the Juicy store! I'm not even sure if it was the Viva La Juicy (pink bow) or the original Juicy Couture perfume.. whatever it was, it smells heavenly! I couldn't stop sniffing my arm all day. It's sweet and fruity at first, but dries down to a warm vanilla scent. I can still smell traces of it today. Talk about great lasting power!

3. Dior Bronze Libertine nail polish

Part of the AW 10 collection, this colour is a beautiful bronze with gold shimmer. Want want want!!

4. Chanel Paradoxal nail polish

Part of the AW 10 collection, this colour (the bottle on the right) is a complex purple-grey with slight shimmer, that looks different in different lighting.

4. NARS Earth Angel eyeshadow duo

I always swatch this duo at NARS counters but always talk myself out of getting it, simply because I was unsure about whether I would actually ever wear the green shade, as gorgeous as it is. However, now that I've worn MAC's Sumptuous Olive and find it quite flattering on my eyes, I might actually get this NARS duo. I also like how the green shade is paired with a purpley shade - an unlikely pair that I imagine would look gorgeous paired together on the eyes. 

So those are the items I've recently added onto my wish list! To be honest, my list is a lot longer than this but I've decided to just post about the ones I really really want at the moment :P xxx

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Review: Laura Mercier Mineral Powder Foundation & Primer

This is an AMAZING foundation. If you guys can get a sample and try it out, please do so, you won't regret it! Probably my favourite foundation so far - i.e. over Dior Nude! xxx

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Friday, June 25, 2010

Green Smokey Eyes Of The Night

I'd been wanting to try out the dark green shadow in my Sleek storm palette for a while now, and finally took the plunge tonight, since I'm going out in a bit for some drinks! Like all of Sleek's eyeshadows, the dark green one was intensely pigmented and soft, therefore making it a dream to blend.

Cheeks: Illamasqua Lover blush
Lips: YSL Rouge Volupte #2 Sensual Silk

Romper: Bershka
Necklace: Mom's
Gold sandals: Primark

Olive and Taupe look & GOSH nail polishes

Yesterday's Eye Make-Up - using MAC's Sumptuous Olive and Satin Taupe.

Sumptuous Olive applied onto the inner half and smudged below the lower lash line, and Satin Tupe applied onto the outer half and blended into my makeshift crease lol. I think these two colours complement each other really well, and blend effortlessly into one another :) Try it out sometime if you have these colours (or anything similar)!

Outfit Of The Day

T-shirt: Uniqlo - I love these! Got it in 3 colours. The quality is so good and I love how when the light hits it, it looks like silk!

Shorts: River Island

Belt: Primark

GOSH Nail Polishes

Yesterday I picked up 2 GOSH nail polishes. They're quite expensive for a drugstore brand, but the bottles are bigger than most. I'd seen the Holographic one on blogs before, and thought the effect was truly amazing! The other one I got is Golden Dragon, which is a beautiful metallic green-blue with loads of tiny gold shimmer throughout.

Left: Holographic
Right: Golden Dragon

Swatched onto my tissue box lol. Look at that holographic one!

The Lorraine nails haha.. glitter on the ring finger! I couldn't be bothered to change my nail polish from the before (Block Orange) because I had just applied it last night so I just put Holographic onto the fourth nail! Not sure if they look good together but oh well! I'm having a hard time concentrating on my revision because I keep staring at the holographic nail hahaha. Bad idea to apply it so soon before my exams! (I have 2 special exams next week - not part of my uni degree)

Sorry it's so messy! The polish on my skin has been washed off now that I've taken a warm shower :)


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A Few More Bites of Summer

Maybe I should make this a weekly installment for the summer.. what do you guys think? A weekly dose of summer-soaked inspirational pictures? Let me know.

Calling Off the Spending Ban

Clearly, the June spending ban was a bad idea. I never stuck to it. Not at all. So here goes my tiny MAC haul from today. I intended to purely browse around but obviously it didn't end up that way.

Sumptuous Olive eyeshadow

Gorgeous golden olive colour. Veluxe Pearl formula - my favourite! Super buttery and smooth, with a lovely sheen.

The MAC make-up artist applied this to the inner corners of my eyes, and it looked amazing. I already had my Dior taupe eyeshadow all over, and the Sumptuous Olive really added a lovely complementary pop to it. Also, it brings out brown eyes!

Eek, I need to pluck mah hairs!

Petting Pink tinted lip conditioner SPF 15

I've always wanted a MAC tinted lip conditioner, purely because they look so pretty and I love the packaging. Any flat, tub packaging gets me! This gives a lovely subtle hint of pink to your lips, and it smells like vanilla frosting! Yum! I can't stop sniffing it haha.

Face Of The Day

Eyes: Dior taupe eyeshadow from Earth Reflections palette, MAC Sumptuous Olive in inner corners, The Body Shop Glowing Amethyst eyeliner smudged under lower lash line.

Cheeks: MAC Warm Soul mineralised blush.

Lips: MAC Blankety lipstick.

I love you Blankety!!

Outfit Of The Day

Floral scarf: Pull & Bear
White tee: Uniqlo
Shorts: Bershka
Flip-flops: Havaianas skinny metallic grey

Whew, that was a long one! Hope you enjoyed it xxx