Friday, July 29, 2011

Travel Make-Up

As promised, here's my updated travel make-up video! I filmed one back in February, but since this trip was much longer (5.5 weeks), I brought different products :)

Oh! And I'm back home in Hong Kong now. Feeling quite sad and really missing my boyfriend. Back to long distance until December/January :'(

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Still Here!

Hello Everyone!

I feel so terribly guilty for abandoning the blog for so long! To be honest, I've just been too busy/tired these past 3 weeks while I was doing my legal internship and just didn't have the energy, motivation or content to blog. Surprisingly, I haven't done much shopping this time round in London, apart from a little high street haul at the beginning of the trip (which is on my youtube channel) and a wee haul from Bicester Village this last weekend.

However, now that my internship is over, I will have a bit more time to blog and film youtube videos, and actually, I'm off to Paris tomorrow morning! Since the lighting in this studio apartment in London is so poor, I'm hoping the lighting in the Paris hotel will be much better and I'll be able to film lots of videos to make it up to you all! How many of you actually watch my videos by the way? I've never known how much overlap there is between my youtube subscribers and blog followers!

Upcoming videos include my travel make-up, travel toiletries, and a couple beauty reviews. I'll post them all in this blog as well so those of you who don't go on youtube much can just watch them here :)

And now I'll leave you with some recent photos of my time here in London :)

Go Ape!

Reunited with the BF :)

Regents Park

Finally had my portrait done in Picadilly Circus. Such a tourist :P


Our day trip to Oxford

I promise the next post will come very soon :) Hope you've all been great xxx