Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Dove Summer Glow: First Impressions

I picked up the Dove Summer Glow gradual tanning body lotion. I believe it was £2.50. Here are my first impressions:

- Smells lovely, a light mango scent
- Applies very nicely - very smooth, light and creamy
- Absorbs relatively quickly, I was able to get dressed pretty much immediately after

- I'm now sitting in the living room and the sun is shining on me.. and omg I look like a complete glitter ball!! It says on the bottle that it contains light shimmer particles, but actually it's more like glitter! I look a bit like Edward Cullen from Twilight, except my body is glittering instead of my face! I wouldn't go out in the day time with this on... but that's not an issue for me, as I'll be applying it every night before bed. 

I'm hoping to see results soon! I'll keep you guys posted.

Have any of you tried the Dove Summer Glow gradual tanning body lotion? If so, what are your thoughts? x

1 comment:

  1. Some of my friends say this is really good, I might have to try! x