Tuesday, May 18, 2010

7 Month Anniversary Dinner & Canary Wharf

Just thought I would share some photos with you guys from my dinner last night at Abeno for Okonomiyaki (a Japanese dish) and today's trip to Canary Wharf for a spot of shopping!

My boyfriend being awkward and camera shy lol.

The adorable menu at Abeno! That's kinnndaa what Okonomiyaki looks like haha.

Today's outfit of the day: Evisu jacket from their new A/W '10 collection, designed by Catherine Holstein; River Island top; H&M leggings; Topshop ballet flats; Michael Kors bag.

Evisu's A/W '10 collection is amazing. It's their first collection featuring nice women's wear! They're usually known for their mens wear (and obviously their denim/ jeans). They are really revamping the brand. Here's a sneak peak of some other pieces Catherine Holstein has designed for this upcoming collection:

That's my jacket!

My boyfriend also got me the checked shirt underneath :) It's cropped at the back which is pretty unique.

My hair style for today was inspired by Dara (BelleDuJourNYC on YouTube). She has amazing beachy waves and sometimes she clips her hair back with a centre parting. I tried it out for the first time today and quite liked it!

My boyfriend's outfit of the day! Haha: everything Evisu, apart from the Nike shoes I got him!

Being vain in the lift haha.

At Canary Wharf.

Me with the flowers my boyfriend got me! :)

Hope you're all having a fab week xx


  1. Aw the pictures of you& your boyfriend are so cute! The Evisu jacket looks really good on you. It goes great with the leggings! :)

  2. AWH!
    You two are adorrrrable, I am jealous of your bag

  3. I love your outfit - it really suits you :-)

    And you both look very happy and cute together!


  4. did you like Okonomiyaki? i had two with my friend last week! yum yum! love the evisu jacket too! are the topshop pumps comfy? i need new ones!


  5. @ audrey, Julia, TalluluhBella - Thanks! x

    @ Le - I did like Okonomiyaki, but I think the Calbee Okonomiyaki flavoured crisps are better haha. John and I only managed to have one between the two of us... so filling! The pumps are very comfortable, they're the softest shoes ever! And only cost £14. I thought about getting a back-up pair haha x