Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Grazia Shopping Event on Carnaby Street

FYI my blog readers! Just found out about this through Lebinh's blog at http://deeliteful.tumblr.com/. I'm gutted that I'll have to miss this since I have an exam the following day...

This Thursday, 11th May, Grazia is holding a shopping event on Carnaby Street (and surrounding streets), where over 100 stores will be doing 20% (and yes, that includes MAC, Make Up Store, Office, Twenty8Twelve, etc)! Actually it even includes some restaurants in the area, like The Diner! Yum. You can print off a free ticket from the official event website: 


Don't miss out! I'm so jealous of those of you who are gonna make it.... :( xxx

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  1. i resisted shopping in MAC LOL.. but i enjoyed free drinks and popcorn! hehe