Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Hello From London!

This is just a quick post to say hello, and I've landed safely in London and am now settled nicely into the studio apartment I'm renting for a month! Not much to update you on yet.. I landed really early on Saturday morning and had a packed weekend full of catching up with my boyfriend and revisiting my favourite places in London (mainly Oxford Street, Picadilly, Soho, Chinatown, Regent Street)! I then proceeded to catch a bit of a cold on Monday morning, probably due to lack of sleep, jetlag and the sudden change of weather! It's surprisingly cold here in London, despite the fact that it's almost end of June! Consequently, I found that the clothes I brought are mostly inappropriate (e.g. 4 pairs of shorts!) and have been struggling to stay sufficiently warm in my blazers (luckily I brought them here for my internship)!

To tide you over, here's one of my most recent videos filmed here in London. A little haul of essential toiletries and a few clothing and jewellery pieces :) I've also included a video tour of the studio apartment in case you're interested/bored!

Hope you're all well! Once I've fully recovered from this weird cold I'll be sure to blog more as I'm sure there will be lots of hauls to come. I've missed London shopping! xxx

Thursday, June 16, 2011

I'm Off!

I'm off to London tonight! Blogging will continue once I've settled into my studio apartment :)

Till then, take care everyone! xxx

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Pretty Ideal

Is this bathroom designed by Douglas Hill pretty ideal or what? 
Love the carrera marble tiles, black wooden floorboards and massive bathtub! 

Thursday, June 9, 2011


As you may or may not know, Giorgio Armani cosmetics came out with a new range of eyeshadows called the Eyes To Kill Intense Silk Eyeshadows. They are effectively a cream-powder hybrid. Super finely milled powder pigments that are so densely packed and soft that they feel almost like a cream.

Housed in a regular cream eyeshadow type glass pot with a screw-off lid, the eyeshadow contains two different shades of pigment, creating a dynamic unique shade when applied to the eyes.

Inside the pot, there is a plastic black 'stopper' that prevents the powder from making a mess (though tit would probably be fine without, since the powder is so densely pressed that you could probably hold the jar upside down without powder falling out).

These eyeshadows are available in 16 shades. I picked up shade #6, Khaki Pulse.

The 2 shades of pigment in this one are a coppery bronze and a khaki green. Excuse the middle part. I had already applied some to my eyes using my finger, which is why the pigments are mixed up in the middle.

Swatched on the hand, the pigments combine to create a bronze-khaki colour that is almost a duochrome when applied to the lid (think of MAC Club or Woodwinked and you kind of have the right idea).

I am still testing out different application methods to see what works best. So far I have tried applying it with just my finger and also with a brush (no primer/base). Blendability is okay, but not the best.

Keep in mind I was facing a large window and it was very sunny so the colour is slightly darker on the lids than what you see here. I was hoping the shadow would come off more bronze than khaki on me, but unfortunately it pulls more khaki. This means I will probably end up buying Illamasqua Ore pigment when I get to London (an intense bronze), as I initially hoped Khaki Pulse would be a dupe.

Priced at US$32 (or $250HKD) these are definitely indulgent, but you do get 3x the amount of a regular MAC eyeshadow, as well as a very high quality shadow with an interesting texture and unique colour.

Are you planning to treat yourself to any of these Armani Eyes To Kill Intense silk eyeshadows? xxx

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Part of Revlon's Top Speed range, Cloud is a very pale, pastelle purple/grey. It's a tad more purple than what you see in the pictures above. I tried my best to capture the true colour but this was the best I could do! Needless to say, I think it's gorgeous. Also, it doesn't disappoint as a 'top speed' polish. It dries faster than most other polishes. Application was smooth, streak-free and opaque in two coats.

Have you tried any of Revlon's Top Speed nail polishes? Any recommendations? xxx

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

GOSH Frou-Frou

I picked this nail polish up after seeing how gorgeous it was on Fee's nails ( It's a very metallic and glittery silver-rose colour and looks much more stunning in real life. Imagine a pinker, more metallic version of what you see in these photos and you've got it. Or think of Orly's Rage or MAC's Soiree (both rose gold nail polishes), add a heavier pink tone to it and that's GOSH Frou-Frou!

Ideally I would have a rose gold nail polish as well, but this one will have to do. It's terribly difficult to find Orly nail polishes in Hong Kong.

What do you think of GOSH Frou-Frou? xxx