Saturday, May 15, 2010

Review: Dove Summer Glow

I got the light to medium one, although I originally wanted to try the medium to dark, just because I'm impatient! The only reason I got this one instead was because my flat mate picked it up for me. It still gave me a nice noticeable tan though, as you'll see in the pictures below!

The directions don't tell you how often you're supposed to apply it. I suppose it's up to you really. I apply this everyday before bed, all over my body, but I only get to do my back a few times a week since I need someone to help me!



Not sure how well you can see the difference in these photos, but in person it's really noticeable! My skin was quite pink before I started using it,  and would get blotchy whenever I felt cold. Now I'm a nice medium golden brown colour and no longer get blotchy!

When first applied, this lotion smells like fresh mangoes - a very nice scent, however, the typical biscuity tan smell becomes noticeable when the lotion starts to sink in properly and when the tan starts developing. For the first few nights, I found the smell very overpowering, but now I hardly notice it. It sinks in pretty quickly, to the extent that I can get dressed almost immediately after applying it.

One con about this product is that it's VERY SHIMMERY!! I wouldn't go out in daylight after applying this, as I'd look like a disco ball! It's better to apply this at night before bed.

Another application tip: it's a good idea to only apply it on your feet every other application, as my feet and ankle area got quite orange in comparison to the rest of my body! Also, to ensure that your hands don't stay pale, just wipe off your palms instead of washing your hands completely.

All in all, I am very impressed with the Dove Summer Glow gradual tanning body lotion, and would repurchase again. Next time I'm going to pick up the medium to dark one! xx


  1. love the soft petals in the background!

  2. Hey there, I googled for a review of this product and your blog came up. Do you still use it? I just started today so I'm not expecting any results just yet. :)

    Followed you.