Thursday, July 29, 2010

Take Him To The Cleaners

Orly's Take Him To The Cleaners is the only Orly nail polish I own. This meant that I didn't know what to expect in terms of quality, even though I knew that it was a 'high end' nail polish brand. Apparently so high end in Hong Kong that I had to buy it for 50% more than the price of an OPI polish!

Take Him To The Cleaners (and how cute is that name?) is a blackened red. You could also say it's got some slight brown and purple undertones as well. It's a very complex shade. One of those almost-black-but-not-quite colours :) I looked up OPI's Black Cherry Chutney because I thought they would look similar. Take Him To The Cleaners is pretty much a darker version of Black Cherry Chutney. This is almost as vampy as you can get when it comes to nails :D

The formula of this Orly polish was AMAZING. Dare I saw even better than OPI?? It's incredibly smooth, and the perfect consistency - not too thick, not too thin. One coat gave enough coverage, but I applied a second coat onto certain nails that didn't look as evenly covered. It dried pretty quickly, and left a gorgeous shiny finish. I do have a top coat on in the picture above, but it was shiny regardless (a bit less shiny than with a top coat). It's one of those nail polishes that you just KNOW is extremely high quality when you're applying it.

Needless to say, I'm absolutely in love with this nail polish. I'm very impressed with Orly... I just wish it was more easily accessible in Hong Kong! So far I've only found one shop that sells Orly. :(

Do you guys like this shade? And what do you think of Orly polishes in general? xxx


  1. Looks great, never try this brand, may have to!

  2. nice color! :)