Thursday, July 22, 2010

NARS Taiga

The newest addition to my NARS collection is this eyeshadow duo called Taiga. I went to the counter with the intention of getting Earth Angel (if you guys remember, it was on my wish list), but ended up falling in love with Taiga. Earth Angel didn't look like anything special on my eyes, and the two shades seemed to blend into each other and looked very blah. With Taiga, it's a whole new story :)

With flash.

Without flash.

I would describe the lighter shade as an off-white/light gold with silver glitter particles, and the darker shade as a grey-toned dark olive with gold glitter particles. As you would expect from NARS, the shades are very unique.

As you can see, the lighter shade is quite sheer compared to the typical NARS eyeshadow. The darker shade is extremely pigmented. Normally I would complain about a sheer eyeshadow, especially from NARS, but in this case, it complements the darker shade beautifully, just because the darker shade is so pigmented already, and packs a lot of punch on the eye (that sounds weird haha). If you would like to see this duo on my eyes, just let me know in the comments :)

I also happened to get a nail polish that looks almost exactly the same colour as the Taiga shadow! But that's in an upcoming post, along with a few other polishes I got recently :) xxx


  1. ohhhh this is an eyeshadow that I have been contemplating on buying. Looks really pretty! Thanks for the swatches.