Saturday, July 24, 2010

Chanel Red Lip

Today, I bought my first red lipstick. I figured such an important milestone (I'm allowed to be superficial on this blog!) deserved Chanel. I had intended to get the Rouge Allure Laque (Chanel's liquid lipstick) in Dragon - a shocking but somehow also deep and sensual red. However, on my lips it was just too shocking. Gorgeous for formal events, yes, but not suitable for everyday wear. I was searching for a red that I could wear even with casual clothes (a la Mary-Kate Olsen), so I continued looking around the Chanel counter.

This is what I ended up getting - and I couldn't be happier:

 Chanel Rouge Allure #14 Passion

Some people say this is a blue-based red, some say it's a yellow-based red. In my opinion it's more yellow-based, making it suit my warm skin tone. However, it's only ever so slightly yellow-based (mainly neutral), so it would definitely suit both warm and cool skin tones. The finish is satin.

Chanel Precision Lip Definer #24 Rouge

What do you think? Do I suit red lipstick or do I look completely ridiculous!
I must say, the lasting power of this lipstick and lip liner is phenomenal. I couldn't remove the lip liner swatch from my hand, even with the most rigorous scrubbing with a tissue (the lipstick came off), and after eating and drinking, I'm left with a sexy 'bitten' stain, with absolutely no bleeding or any colour outside my lip line. It also feels extremely lightweight on the lips, almost as though I don't have anything on them. Win!


  1. Love red lips... good choice!

    Sam :D

  2. Perfect red lips! I told myself this fall I would take the red lips plunge too. and do you like their liners?

  3. Thanks guys! And ShaGlam, the liner is phenomenal. Stays on forever and goes on really creamy. Having said that, I haven't tried any other liners but I have nothing bad to say about the Chanel! I hope you meant lip liners? lol x