Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Revlon 9 Super Lustrous Lipcube

My mom got this box of 9 Revlon Super Lustrous lipsticks at duty free on the airplane, for a grand total of £30. That's super value! All lipsticks are full size.

Two are missing (Goldpearl Plum and Champagne on Ice) because my mom has taken those. She let me keep 2 and I chose Just Enough Buff (613) and I'm still deciding between Rose & Shine (619) and Caramel Glace (103).

Without flash:

With flash:

Left to right: Caramel Glace, Plum Baby, Icy Violet, Cherry Blossom, Rose & Shine, Wink For Pink, Just Enough Buff.

Just Enough Buff is the only creme finish one. The rest are pearl finish. I'm very impressed with the excellent value of these lipsticks, and the pigmentation is great!


  1. i looove lipstick! haha i think Wink for Pink looks nice!I guess you are into more neutral lip shades?? but nevertheless they ALL look great!

  2. @audrey
    I do like the Wink for Pink a lot, but I let my mom keep that one since I have Maybelline's Ambre Rose and an ELF mineral lipstick that both look basically the same. But in general I do prefer my neutrals :) x