Thursday, June 10, 2010

I've been a bad girl AGAIN

UMMM so I'm not doing too well on my spending ban hahaha. But to be fair, the items I bought today were all KINDA replacement items... I got the mineral foundation because my skin can't deal with liquid in the summer (too oily), the eye gel because I don't have anything for my eyes, and the mascara because I'm running out of my Max Factor Masterpiece Max.

Laura Mercier Mineral Foundation SPF 15

The opening is really convenient. You twist one half to the other side to expose the side with the holes. Once you cover the holes again, your powder is safe and it won't go flying everywhere! The shade the MA matched me with is natural beige and it's perfect for me. She layered quite a bit of foundation onto my cheek to cover my acne scars, but the powder is so finely milled that I can't feel it on my skin. It felt like I wasn't wearing any foundation! The finish is extremely natural, I would say a satin finish, and your skin is left dry to the touch and very smooth, like real skin but better. It doesn't transfer so you can touch your face all you want! (although of course, I wouldn't advise it... in the interests of hygiene).

Today it was only applied onto one cheek, so tomorrow I will be testing it on my entire face and will post a FOTD for you guys! So far I'm very impressed. This foundation costs HK$300, which is £23.

Biotherm Aquasource Oligo-thermal eye gel

I didn't have any particular reason for picking this up, out of all the eye creams I could have chosen from. But I trust Biotherm, and I like that it's a gel, since it's summer and I don't want to put anything too heavy on my skin. Also, this aquasource line of theirs is known to be excellent. They claim that 5,000 litres of spring thermal water are concentrated into each product. I will be testing this tonight and will do a full review on it once I've used it for a while. This costs around £10.

Majolica Majorca Lash Gorgeous Wing mascara

After watching Kokolaroo's video on her favourite mascaras, I couldn't help but check out all the Japanese mascaras on offer at Sasa (Hong Kong's predominant beauty drugstore). I remembered that her specifically saying that this particular one was good at keeping a curl and at lengthening. I have the most pathetic, short and straight lashes so I need as much help as I can get! This costs around £8.

As you can see, this is a fibre mascara. The brush is a conventional natural bristle brush. I applied a coat of this once I got home, on top of the Max Factor Masterpiece Max I already had on. It made my lashes a lot longer, thicker and didn't feel crispy! Very happy so far. The only thing about this mascara is that it's smaller than regular mascara, containing 6ml as opposed to the regular 7.6ml or so. Watch out for a full review on this mascara soon.

So all in all, I wasn't too bad, and I'm happy with my purchases! I also wanted to get the Laura Mercier mineral primer to go with the mineral foundation, because it dries to a powder and therefore doesn't interfere with the smooth application of the mineral powder, and also works to diminish the appearance of pores. I'll probably get that next week when I have a bit more money!

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