Friday, June 25, 2010

Olive and Taupe look & GOSH nail polishes

Yesterday's Eye Make-Up - using MAC's Sumptuous Olive and Satin Taupe.

Sumptuous Olive applied onto the inner half and smudged below the lower lash line, and Satin Tupe applied onto the outer half and blended into my makeshift crease lol. I think these two colours complement each other really well, and blend effortlessly into one another :) Try it out sometime if you have these colours (or anything similar)!

Outfit Of The Day

T-shirt: Uniqlo - I love these! Got it in 3 colours. The quality is so good and I love how when the light hits it, it looks like silk!

Shorts: River Island

Belt: Primark

GOSH Nail Polishes

Yesterday I picked up 2 GOSH nail polishes. They're quite expensive for a drugstore brand, but the bottles are bigger than most. I'd seen the Holographic one on blogs before, and thought the effect was truly amazing! The other one I got is Golden Dragon, which is a beautiful metallic green-blue with loads of tiny gold shimmer throughout.

Left: Holographic
Right: Golden Dragon

Swatched onto my tissue box lol. Look at that holographic one!

The Lorraine nails haha.. glitter on the ring finger! I couldn't be bothered to change my nail polish from the before (Block Orange) because I had just applied it last night so I just put Holographic onto the fourth nail! Not sure if they look good together but oh well! I'm having a hard time concentrating on my revision because I keep staring at the holographic nail hahaha. Bad idea to apply it so soon before my exams! (I have 2 special exams next week - not part of my uni degree)

Sorry it's so messy! The polish on my skin has been washed off now that I've taken a warm shower :)


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