Sunday, June 20, 2010

Miscellaneous Post


White top/dress: Zara
Necklace: stolen from mother :P


Eyes: Laura Mercier metallic cream eye colour in Rose Gold
Cheeks: MAC Warm Soul mineralised blush

A closer look at my mom's necklace:

Absolutely love it! Really complements a light, airy outfit.

Rekindled Love

Found my ring! It's a blue jewel (dunno what exactly) that my mom bought at a jewellery show that she got set for me. Gorgeous.

Need your help:

I'm having a tough time deciding between these 2 bags.

1. Mulberry Hayden tote

Super casual, super soft leather, super practical. SUPER LOVE!! This was the one my heart was originally set on.

2. Be & D Genesis bag

Also super casual, soft leather, a bit more stylised with the sewn edges and buckle detail.

I LOVE BOTH!! They both have that grungy casual look and ohhhh I'm having such a difficult time deciding on one.... PLEASE let me know which one you prefer!!! xxx


  1. hi, I find the mulberry bag a bit boring, to be honest. It's a nice, classy bag but if you want to invest in one of these "I'll have them forever"-bags, go for the bow bag by miu miu (I don't think it's got an actual name, but it does have bows - surprise - and it just looks lovely, girly, yet very chic and never goes out of style).
    that being said, I absolutely adore the be & d bag! just had a look at their site and the one called dallas also looks stunning!
    let me know which one you end up getting :)

  2. @particulière
    the mulberry bag looks a lot better in person ;) it looks very 2D in the photo. i agree that the dallas is nice, but i prefer the shape of the genesis. i had a look at the miu miu bow bag today but was disappointed with how small it was. i like big bags :)
    hope you get this. i'm not sure how to properly reply comments on here :( xx

  3. I'm totally with you on the big bag thing!
    though I have to say, my all-time favorite handbags are (aside from my beloved chanel 2.55) balenciaga's motorcycle bags (though they might also be called something else. i'm totally bad with names!) - there is something nice about carrying just a medium-size handbag. basically, you don't end up carry around a ton of stuff you don't really need anyway :)

    as far as the miu miu one is concerned, uum... there are actually two versions of the bow bag. I think most images you find on google show the smaller one where you can sort of flip the top over and that's why it seems rather small (looks weird!). but i'll try finding a picture of the one i have in mind and I'll post it here.

    xx emma

  4. Oh right... I guess the store I went to only carried the small Bow bag because I did ask if they had a bigger size.

    Dunno why I didn't think of Balenciaga! I absolutely love the motorcycle bag as well... maybe I'll consider getting a grey, cream or black one! To be honest I never lug around that much stuff, but I just like the feeling of carrying around a larger bag haha xx

  5. haha, yeah I get that. plus, I hardly ever see a small handbag I really like :)
    so, I just checked balenciaga's website - apparently, the ones I had in mind are called "city" and "giant city". I love them because you can wear them during the day and out at night. and yes, the cream one looks fantastic! I think that's the next one I'm gonna get!
    xx emma

  6. Sigh, I really hope my parents get me one hahah.. I don't care which! (as a graduation present)... I have such a weakness for bags... Let me know what you think of the cream one if you do end up getting it! xx

  7. well, unfortunately, balenciaga is not in my price range for an impulse purchase (thank you, h&m and zara, for that!) - but yes, I'll let you know if I get it :)