Thursday, April 29, 2010

Nails Nails Nails!

I repainted my nails again! I'm currently sporting a bright coral shade by Sasa (a Hong Kong based drugstore).

GAH!! Look how pale I am!! I'm hoping to get more tanned this summer... I'm well aware that coral polish looks way better on tanned skin!

I received these Zoya polishes in a swap. Both creamy, pastel ice cream shades. Right on trend! The purple one is Malia and the blue one is Yummy. They're both very creamy and opaque. Lovely!

I'm currently sporting Malia on my toes.

Sorry if you didn't wanna see that! Haha! But it's a lovely colour :)


  1. I love the coral nail polish - gorgeous ;-)

  2. Woah! Lovely shades! Especially that lilac one!
    I am your new follower, came here from Twitter recommended by TalluluhBella!!

  3. just found you on youtube. I LOVE NARS cactus flower too! which I just bought also. Thanks for the info on enchanted I was actually looking at it bc it was new but after your review, its a no thanks! way too light.
    thanks again!

  4. Wow the nail polishes are so pretty! all 3 of them :)