Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Body Shop Goodies

Shimmer Cubes in Warm

They pop out individually and each has a plastic cap to cover it, which I think is genius, since it means that you can take them individually for travel.

Clockwise from left: Honeycomb, Dark Chocolate, Choc Chip, Marshmallow.

Eye Definer in Glowing Amethyst

This is a shimmery dark purple eyeliner, and I got it mainly to use on my lower lash line for a pop of colour. It goes on very smoothly and is quite creamy.

It has hints of brown in it, which makes is quite neutral and very wearable.

Radiant Highlighter in Pink

I have wanted to pick up one of these for a while now. I originally wanted the peach one, but this one really gives a nice, bright glow. There was a bronze one as well, but that didn't show up on my skin very much.

I think it's a great idea to use a cream highlighter in the Spring and Summer as it will look more natural and less cakey than a powder highlighter.

The Body Shop is doing a 3 for 2 promotion at the moment, which is why I picked up 3 products. Be sure to check their make-up line out if you get the chance, because the quality is very good. Many people forget that they have make-up!


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