Monday, August 9, 2010

New Goodies!

Two new goodies from the weekend: a NARS eyeshadow duo and a Bobbi Brown lip colour!

1. NARS Rajasthan duo

Left: bronze/taupe; Right: blackened peacock blue

The bronze/taupe is much smoother and applies much more evenly than the blackened peacock blue, which applies a little patchy. The key to getting an even finish with the darker colour is to pat it on instead of swiping it on.

Some people think this colour combination is strange, but personally, I think it works pretty well. The result you get is a unique blue-taupe smokey eye.

This was the only item I really wanted from the NARS Autumn/Winter 2010 collection. I felt that it was a lot more unique than the other eyeshadow duo (Tzarine), and although I was tempted to get the Douceur blush, I resisted because people say it's virtually the same as NARS Madly - which is virtually the same as MAC's Happy Together mineralised blush - which I have! Congratulations if you managed to follow my poorly articulated train of thought! Haha.

2. Bobbi Brown lip colour in Beige

This is my first Bobbi Brown lip product. As you can see, the packaging is simple and classic - just what you would expect from Bobbi Brown. The shade I chose is a very natural beige-pink-peach, which is just slightly peachier than my natural lip colour.

This shade is extremely wearable and works to give you a polished finish to pull together any eye look. It's light enough to work with a smokey eye, and at the same time not too nude that it would wash you out when wearing a neutral eye look.

Texture is smooth and creamy, but feels lighter on the lips than a MAC amplified formula (e.g. Blankety lipstick). Finish is opaque with a healthy sheen. Wear time is good, and actually lasts pretty well through a meal and drinks.

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend! x


  1. I preordered the rajasthan and I seriously cannot wait until I can go pick mine up (friday). I thought it was funny when you talking in your video about how your mom was trying to talk you out of buying it, but you wouldnt budge. I would love to see a look you've created with it.

  2. @ShaGlam I'll definitely post pictures of a Rajasthan look soon :)

    @marshmellowness I agree! NARS always gets me really excited haha