Monday, August 30, 2010

August Favourites

St. Ives soothing oatmeal & shea butter advanced body moisturiser:

This is the first St. Ives product I've tried, and I'm pretty impressed! The oatmeal really does soothe my itchy dry skin immediately, while the shea butter provides pretty long-lasting hydration (around 12 hours). Something in the ingredients also provides a slight cooling effect, which is very enjoyable :) According to St. Ives, this body moisturiser is formulated with 100% natural moisturizers, and without parabens and phthlates. It is also 'non-irritating' and has been dermatologist tested, so should be suitable for sensitive skin. You also can't beat the price - less than £3 for 532ml :)

Sea of Life mineral butter with date palm extract: 

This mineral butter is something my dad picked up in Israel. Sea of Life is a skincare/body care company that specializes in products containing natural ingredients from the Dead Sea, such as Dead Sea mineral water and Dead Sea mud. This particular mineral butter with date palm extract is their most moisturizing mineral butter - formulated to hydrate the extremely dry skin, with an 'immediate and long lasting moisturizing effect', whilst the mineral butter 'melts right into your skin'. I can't agree that it gets absorbed immediately. It does take a good half hour to an hour for the stuff to get fully absorbed into the skin, but the result is really hydrated, soft and supple skin :) This is particularly good for people with ezcema (such as myself - I have a mild form of ezcema on my calves which tend to get itchy).

All of the Sea of Life products are prepared with bio organic natural ingredients and are 100% natural.

The ingredients of this mineral butter are: water, Dead Sea mineral water, Dead Sea Mud (silt), Date Palm, Capric Triglyceride, Glyceryl Stearate, Algae extract, Almond Oil, Olive Oil, Jojoba Oil, Avocado Oil, Green Tea extract, Ginkgo Biloba extract, Dehyclroacetic Acid, Bengyl Alcohol.

Are those lovely ingredients or what! I am very pleased indeed :)

Not sure about the availability of the Sea of Life products - the best way would be to have a browse on their website for more information. It seems that you can only buy their products through their website:

MAC Happy Together, MAC Warm Soul:

Benefit Dallas

I've been going for a more natural make-up look this month, and these three blushes have been perfect! Happy Together gives the ultimate natural colour to the cheeks (just slightly darker than my skin tone), Warm Soul gives the most beautiful warm healthy flush to the cheeks, and Dallas gives a sexy sun-kissed glow. I have been absolutely in love with these 3 cheek products this month!

Chanel Rouge Allure Laque #77 Santal, Bobbi Brown lip colour #02 Beige:

These have been my go-to lip colours this month. Chanel's Santal is a brightened coral liquid lipstick (thereby removing the need for a separate gloss), and really brightens (go figure) up your complexion. The scent of the Rouge Allure Laque is divine as well - a kind of tea-infused floral scent. The Bobbi Brown beige lip colour is perfect for an everyday neutral, natural lipstick, and lasts a good amount of time.

MAC Brule, MAC Satin Taupe, Max Factor Burnt Bark:

Brule is a godsend of an eyeshadow. It makes blending out harsh lines so easy, camouflages mistakes effortlessly, and also acts as a very natural brow bone highlight. Simply put, I could not be without this eyeshadow. Satin Taupe is a much raved about eyeshadow in the youtube and blogging community, and understandably so. It was one of my first MAC eyeshadows, and remains one of my firm favourites. I have been going for a simple wash of colour just with Satin Taupe. When I want a more subtle version of Satin Taupe, I reach of Max Factor's Burnt Bark, which is basically Satin Taupe's sheerer younger sister!

ASOS Paint by Ciate in Chloe, OPI natural nail base coat:

The ASOS Paint by Ciate, in shade Chloe (named after Chloe Sevigny) is the perfect everyday nude nail colour - suitable for both work and play! OPI's natural nail base coat does a great job at preventing staining on your nails, which can be caused by brighter nail polishes.

Diorskin Nude foundation:


I have already done a review on this. It remains my HG foundation! Here's the link to the video review if you're interested:

Diorshow Blackout mascara:

This mascara has been on my wishlist for months now, and I finally took the plunge, and am so glad I did! It's the blackest mascara I've ever used, and gives a really nice glossy finish to your lashes. It almost seems to coat your lashes in a glossy substance! The wand is also monstrously lush (in a good way of course!). It's pretty big, and is made of natural bristles. The bristles are arranged in a very defined helix shape (or spiral if you will), resulting in your lashes being very defined as well. My only gripe with this mascara is that it doesn't seem to hold a curl! I still love it though, it's a real joy to use, and the packaging is so sexy :P Also, the fact that it's so black really helps to accentuate your eyes more than the average mascara is able to do!

And that wraps it up for my August favourites!! Phew! Congratulations if you managed to read to the end of this post, and thanks for bearing with me! It would be really nice if you could share some of your favourite products this month with me too, in the comments :) See you all in a couple of weeks xxx


  1. I like the new packagings of St. Ives products. It makes them look even more interesting!

    Diorshow Blackout mascara looks great!

  2. Gaby, I have no idea what the old packaging looks like! I hope the new one is an improvement haha. Diorshow Blackout is definitely worth a try!