Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas!

No, this is not my house/ apartment. Credit goes to Google Images, lol. Thanks Google! No doubt this is someone's actual home and I apologise if the home owner is reading this (though chances are very very slim, considering I don't have THAT many followers. Though I'm completely grateful for all of you who do follow me!! Thanks!!). ANYWAY Merry Christmas!!

On another note, I attempted to bake some: 1) cinnamon sugar cookies, and 2) butter cookies with vanilla icing and sprinkles!! Check them out:

Due to my poor judgment (I gave the cookies too little space in between each other!), the cinnamon sugar cookies expanded so much that they all merged to form one giant weird cookie. Now they're weird rectangular cookies with a texture more like sponge-cake. Oh wells! TBH the batter tasted waaayy better than the actual end result, lol.

On the other hand... The butter cookies w/ vanilla frosting and sprinkles turned out alright! :)

Mind you, I didn't make these for any special occasion. Purely out of a selfish, indulgent desire to munch all of 'em myself, while watching TV. Can't really get more lazy/fat/slob-y than that, haha. 



  1. They still look yummy though! Sometimes the messier ones look the best :) x

  2. Hehe I agree! Adds to the home-madeness, lol. Thanks so much for dropping by! I love your blog! xx