Monday, December 13, 2010

Melvita Skincare Review

Below is my most recent video: a review of three products from Melvita, the most recognised French organic skincare brand. All Melvita products have been certified organic by ECOCERT FRANCE.

The products under review are:

1. Organic witch hazel floral water
2. Nigella oil
3. Hydrastim moisturizing gel for dehydrated skin

If you would like more detailed info on these 3 products, I have also pulled the product descriptions from the Melvita website for your convenience:

1. Organic witch hazel loral water
"Extracted by distillation of organic Hamamelis virginiana leaves and naturally rich in active principles, Witch hazel floral water is well-known for its tonic, astringent and purifying qualities.
Generally used as a cleansing lotion, it is traditionally renowned to act against red blotches on the face. It is recommended for very dry and sensitive skins."

2. Nigella oil
"Considered as a universal panacea since the time of the Pharaohs and revered in the courts of Ancient Arabia, the Prophet Mohammed said that “this black cumin cures everything but death” - nigella oil is extracted from the tiny black seeds of a white-flowered plant of the Ranunculus family, which grows in shady oases.
Well-known for toning the scalp and relieving muscle tension, it is also traditionally used for its purifying properties for oily skin."

3. Hydrastim
"HYDRASTIM provides lasting moisturization for dull and dehydrated skins and helps to reduce expression lines.
The gel combines aloe vera, the extract of an Amazonian river plant, mourera fluviatilis, and hyaluronic acid derived from soya, which all provide remarkable hydro-regulating effects to keep the skin at its ideal moisturization level. This action is reinforced by a protective complex based on honey, lemon pectin, phospholipids and an extract of noni, a Polynesian plant with cleansing, anti-free radical and revitalizing properties. The skin quickly appears more plumped-up, smoother and firmer. This moisturizing treatment, with its natural, subtle, lemony perfume, makes the complexion look more radiant and provides comfort and softness. Suitable for oily or combination skins.
*of the upper layers of the epidermis.
Proven effectiveness:
An effectiveness test, carried out under dermatological control by an independent laboratory on 10 volunteers, showed that using Hydrastim® leads to a very significant increase in moisturization levels for at least 8 hours."

I really do highly recommend Hydrastim. It's repurchase material for me :)


  1. Hey Anie,

    I randomly bumped into your youtube videos
    Am fron HK as well... had acne problems for years... went through Roacutane, antibiotics and all that stuff.. still have skin problems though
    Was wondering if you could recommend a dermatologist.. someone honest who doesnt charge much, and speak english as well.
    Would be so much appreciated.
    Love your videos BTW... you seem completely comfortable in front of the camera, which is cool..
    Have you ever tried facial peelings? heard they re effective..
    Maybe can do a video about that hehe

    All the best

    You re cute xxx

  2. Hi Maria,

    My dermatologist is Dr. Ronald Leung. His clinic is in Tak Shing House in Central (just off Pedder Street). I'm not sure if he charges reasonable prices as he is a family friend, but his English is definitely very good.

    I've never tried peels. I think they're only suitable if you no longer break out?

    Actually I've heard that Chinese medicine can be effective. Another youtube viewer messaged me about it before, saying that it cleared her skin better than Roaccutane did!

    Hope you're well,