Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Rituals blush brush

When I was at Westfields, I also picked up this blush brush from Rituals.

It came in this brush guard, which I thought was great, and will be especially convenient for traveling, since the bristles will be well protected.

The bristles are synthetic, but just as soft as animal fur brushes. It's flexible yet sturdy, which is perfect.
The weight of the handle is also perfect - not too light, making application very comfortable and it feels balanced in my hand. 

It's a bit dirty right now because I used it to apply my bronzer and highlighter and haven't washed it since. When I first washed it, the water was clear, meaning that none of the black dye washed out of the bristles, which is great. I hate it when I have to wash a new brush several times before the water runs clear. 

I got this brush mainly because it reminded me of the Illamasqua blush brush that I wanted to get a while ago. 

At £11.90, the Rituals blush brush is much more affordable than the Illamasqua blush brush, which costs £25. From what I can tell from the time I felt the Illamasqua brush at the Selfridges counter, they're very similar in softness and flexibility. I'm very happy with the Rituals blush brush. It's of very high quality! What's more, Rituals doesn't test on animals :)

I have been using this brush to apply my bronzer (the Prestige one I blogged about in the previous post) and highlighter (MAC's Rhapsody In Two) since I got it, and it does its job well. 
Here are some pictures of me with my face on ;) The lighting isn't great, so you can't really see my bronzer or highlighter...

Watch out for my next post, where I'll be talking about my daily skin care routine!

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