Sunday, September 16, 2012

Travel Jewellery

I didn't bring much jewellery with me to Beijing, mainly with the objective of travelling light and expecting the weather to be too hot and yucky for me to want to wear much jewellery. Little did I expect the jewellery shopping to be so great in Beijing! I came back with many new pieces, which you will see below...

From top left, going from left to right: "Van Cleef & Arpels" bangle and ring from Silk Market (Beijing), multi-stone ring from Spitalfields market (London), turtle ring from Berlin, triple gold rings from ASOS, silver bangle from Morocco, wrap bracelet from Silk Market (Beijing), wrap bracelet from Princes Building (Hong Kong), "Hermes collier de chien" bracelet from Spitalfields (London), turquoise bead bracelet from Spitalfields (London), rose gold deer antler necklace from Spitalfields (London).

As you can see, I like to buy jewellery from all around the world and actually all but one of these pieces were purchased this summer! From Morocco, London and Beijing. As you can see from my quotation marks above, some of these are "inspired" by designer brands, such as Van Cleef & Arpels, Hermes and Chan Luu. What can I say, I love me a bargain.

I got this beautiful Chan Luu inspired wrap bracelet from Silk Market in Beijing, an indoor market with loads of great bargains, where you can haggle the prices down by at least 50%. I got this piece for RMB35 (around £3!) This one is great for nights out because it has a bit of sparkle.

This multi-stone ring is from a jewellery stall at Spitalfields market in London. If I remember correctly, it was £20.This one is also perfect for night time, because it adds a bit of glamour to your outfit, especially if you're wearing something dark and quite simple like a black top.

This rose gold bangle and ring (matching) are inspired (or copied? lol) by Van Cleef & Arpels and are also from Silk Market. I got the bangle for RMB120 (£10) and the ring for RMB 70 (£6).

This white leather bracelet is inspired by the Hermes collier de chien bracelets. I got this from Spitalfields in London and it was around £15.

I actually bought even more jewellery in Beijing after taking these pictures but am feeling too lazy to take pictures of them. Hope you have enjoyed seeing and reading about my recent jewellery purchases anyway :)


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  2. I absolutely love the wrap bracelet and the rose gold bangles! Good to see you back and blogging again!

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  3. Love the cross bangles!

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  4. Such beautiful pieces, I love the multi-stone ring! xo

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