Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Reflections on Beijing

Hi everyone. I'm back from Beijing and had an incredible time! To be honest, I was quite reluctant to go and had put it off for over a year (my mom originally wanted me to study Mandarin there for a year). Well, I am now very glad that I went! Met some amazing people whom I now miss a lot and my Mandarin has improved. 

Great Wall of China!

Beijing Olympic stadium - Bird's Nest!

Two of my new friends from Beijing :)

Scorpions on a stick! They were still alive at this point and some of them were struggling! If you buy a stick, they deep fry them and come back all crispy... Safe to say I did NOT try this but a friend did. She said they just taste like deep fried stuff, a bit oily and very crispy.

Summer Palace - looks like a painting!

Summer Palace again

and again

The night we went for traditional Beijing hotpot dinner

Ancient Cultural Street in Tianjin

We all bought Mao Communist hats for RMB 8 each.

Cool shop in Tianjin selling these ceramic water holders

A clubbing night.

Tianjin at night

After this month in Beijing, I can safely say that I would be happy to go back again! There were a lot of sights that I didn't get around to visiting, and some I've visited years ago when I was around 12 years old on a school trip that I would like to revisit, such as Gu Gong (故宫).

This Saturday, I start my training contract at a law firm here in Hong Kong. While I'm looking forward to finally making my own living, I can't help but feel apprehensive! Really hope I can do well in this job and impress the firm. Wish me luck!


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