Wednesday, June 1, 2011

GOSH Frou-Frou

I picked this nail polish up after seeing how gorgeous it was on Fee's nails ( It's a very metallic and glittery silver-rose colour and looks much more stunning in real life. Imagine a pinker, more metallic version of what you see in these photos and you've got it. Or think of Orly's Rage or MAC's Soiree (both rose gold nail polishes), add a heavier pink tone to it and that's GOSH Frou-Frou!

Ideally I would have a rose gold nail polish as well, but this one will have to do. It's terribly difficult to find Orly nail polishes in Hong Kong.

What do you think of GOSH Frou-Frou? xxx


  1. That's so pretty! I love metallic nail polishes :) I will definitely be keeping an eye out for this next time I go shopping xx

  2. Ooo I love the colour - very pretty, looks like it covers well too x

  3. Yep you definitely can't see any of my nails coming through! It's much more opaque in person too :)
    Joy, if you're in HK, GOSH is available at bigger Watsons stores! xxx

  4. Looks like their silver holographic one but in a pink version. Think I prefer this and will definitely look for next time I'm in superdrug. Gorgeous!

  5. That's such a pretty colour.

    You should try Orly's Rage!
    Can you buy Orly in HK?

  6. @Wing - this one isn't holographic though ;)

    @ JENN - I actually ordered orly rage a few days ago on ebay! can't wait to receive it. Orly is available in HK - e.g. at a nail polish store in iSquare, TST and also one of those discounted nail polish stores in LKF!

  7. I absolutely adore that colour! so pretty :)