Saturday, January 15, 2011


So next weekend, I am FINALLY GOING TO LONDON!!! I've been waiting for this trip to happen for around 4 months, and it's finally happening!! Flights haven't been booked yet (but will be ASAP since I'm aiming to fly on Jan 22nd), but basically I'm planning to stay in London for a few weeks, to attend interviews (and also to visit my boyfriend of course, lol ;) ) Hopefully I'll be able to secure a job in London and won't have to worry about job-hunting again.


Also, if any of you know a good travel agent or website where FLEXIBLE RETURN TICKETS can be found, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let me know!! I wouldn't want to spend an extra £100 or so just to shift my return flight because an interview has popped up out of the blue.

AHHH SO EXCITED!! I'll have my camera with me on the trip, so might pop on every now and then to update you guys :) xxx


  1. Hey good luck for everything! I'm also going to the UK in a week or so but I go through this travel agent in TST

    and I book everything through them. You could perhaps give them a ring or something to ask about flights and stuff :)


  2. Thanks for the luck Paula :)

    Phoebe, thanks for the link! I'll ring them up first thing tomorrow xx