Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Tuesday Poll

This 'poll' (or commonly known as 'summary' on other blogs), was inspired by Karen's 'Monday Poll' on her blog, Makeup and Beauty Blog (www.makeupandbeautyblog.com). I think it's nice to fill out one of these polls every once in a while, to allow yourself to evaluate your current frame of mind, preferences, wants, needs, and what needs to be changed in your lifestyle!

 (Whoa I look like Casper! It's just the lighting I swear. Also, please excuse the bra peeping out LOL)
1. Mood: 
Slightly tired (eyeballs are aching!) because I didn't quite get enough sleep last night. Hmph! Wish my body was less greedy with sleep - I need at least 8 hours to feel fully functional the next day!

2. Do you have any bad habits you’d like to break?

I would like to consume less caffeine on a daily basis - I have a terrible coffee & tea habit!

3. Red wine or white?

Usually white - red makes me incredibly sleepy, but if in the right mood, red is nice too :)

4. Your favorite book(s) when you were a teen?

The Gossip Girl series!! I remember compulsively reading the books over consecutive summers! (and now I'm addicted to the TV series haha).

5. Favorite way to exercise?

I've been really enjoying doing circuit training at home, on my yoga mat, but I just bought a Yogalates (as in Yoga + Pilates) DVD today, so I'm sure that will become my new favourite way to exercise!

6. Do you wake up to an alarm clock?

Most days, yes. But if I desperately need to catch up on sleep, I'll allow myself to sleep as long as I want, until I naturally wake up. Hehe.

7. Have you ever baked a pie?

Umm.... no... but I wish I had!! Unfortunately cooking isn't a strength of mine.

8. Do you have a temper?

Hmm... not really? Unless I'm really tired, hungry or the person talking to me is being REALLY annoying, persistent and inconsiderate, lol.

9. Favorite Halloween candy?

 Don't really have one!

10. Weekly goals:

Maintain my new routine of drinking & eating a fresh coconut every other day, exercise every other day, and try to sleep earlier.

So what did you guys think of this post? Yay? Nay? Should I do this once in a while, or is it just terribly dull to read? Let me know! xxx

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