Monday, October 11, 2010

My New Room So Far :)

This is what you see if you're standing outside my bedroom (and my sister's). The door straight ahead is my sister's room, and mine is on the left. The colourful painting (of a stairwell at boarding school) on the right is my GCSE Fine Art final piece :) I love it very much and it adds the perfect 'POP' of colour and warmth to an otherwise extremely neutral interior design.

Once you've entered my room and shut the door behind you, you're greeted by a full-length mirror on your right, and a whole mass of my handbags on the back of the door! I have minimal storage space in my room (see my tiny wardrobe there?), so the bags will have to stay there (and actually, it's super practical and I like seeing my beloved bags everyday haha).

Next up, my desk/ window area:

I opted for this 'green tea ice cream' (as I call it! Hehe) paint colour for the 'arch', to form a sort of eye-catching feature. I've always loved this shade of green - it's soothing yet energetic and natural (duh, it's GREEN) :P. The ceiling light was brought over from our previous apartment, and was hand-picked by myself when I was 14 or so, and I still love it to bits :) It's also perfect for this area of the room, as it peeps out behind the arch, and also emphasises the high ceilings nicely! As you can see, one of the lightbulbs needs replacing lol.

The white desk is from Ikea, and was also brought over from the old apartment - also love it to bits. It's spacious, looks clean and simple, and has a really decent amount of storage space. Desk chair is from an office furniture shop called 'POSH'. The red back provides a nice kick of energy to the room.

Almost everything you see on the desk is from Ikea, haha, including my plant! He's a lucky bamboo and his name is Bamboo (creative, huh?). He keeps me feeling (relatively) energetic and motivated when I have work to do. Live plants/flowers can do wonders for a room - they really breathe life into the room.

This is the opposite side of the room, with my bookshelf (Ikea), vanity (Ikea) and bed (linens from Ikea) - do you see a trend here??? Hahahahah. I didn't have much time (or patience) decorating my last room, so just got everything from... IKEA!!!

The feature wall is painted taupe (one of my favourite colours). I opted for a darker feature wall in an attempt to separate the sleeping area from the working area (where the arch and desk are). This taupe came out much more grey than I had anticipated, and therefore clashes ever-so-slightly with the arch's green! It's bearable though, so I'll be sticking with my two colour choices :)

The green vanity chair is only temporary (I stole it from the kitchen!). My new stool is arriving this Thursday, along with a white chest of drawers (I desperately need more storage space!), and a little white add-on unit for my printer to sit on - to be placed next to my desk.

And that rounds up my updated room tour!! My room is still a work in progress - I love decorating, so little bits and bobs will be added here and there over time, to my heart's content :) So you will probably be seeing more posts like this in the future. Hope you enjoyed this post and please feel free to leave your thoughts/ advice in the comments! xxx


  1. Cute room! I'm really into decorating, ever since I bought my house and I can do whatever I want, which is so much fun! I'm currently updating my room as well. I need a new vanity table/desk, how is that one from IKEA? Does the drawer have a lot of storage space? :)

  2. Thank you! And omg I'm so thrilled that you're following my blog! I absolutely love yours :D That's so exciting that you just bought your own house! That's seriously one of my life goals haha... This Ikea vanity is really quite shallow, so not the best in terms of storage space, but on the bright side, it's very pretty and the lacquer all over is extremely easy to clean and very user-friendly :) xxx

  3. OMG finally someone from HONG KONG! haha

    i have that gingerbread thing as well haha & the same computer hehe love your blog i must follow it now!!

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  4. @Phoebe:
    haha YAY for HONG KONG!! :P isn't the gingerbread man just the cutest?? definitely the best one out of all the 'shrek BIG HEADZ' hahaha. your macbook prob isn't as battered and dirty as mine lol, mine is so tatty it's getting kinda unhygienic to use!
    i'll be checking out your blog :) xx