Thursday, May 19, 2011

Are You a Fan?

A few days ago I picked up my first real pink nail polish. I'd always avoided pink on my nails because I find that it tends to look: a) tacky, b) bimbo-like or c) too barbie-like. But for some reason I'm suddenly going through a pink phase where I want to buy anything and everything pink! I also had an image in my mind of the type of pink nail polish shade I wanted... fuschia-toned with a cream finish (no shimmer). So off I went to SaSa, and this is what I ended up with!

It's actually a bit darker and much more neon in person! The sunlight is washing it out a bit. This nail polish is by the brand Color Combos (which I'd never heard of before) and was opaque in one coat, but I went with two just to be safe. It costed $15HKD.

What do you think of pink nails? Are you a fan? xxx


  1. YES I am a fan~ Whenever I purchase a polish, I for some reason always go towards a pink shade. hahaha

  2. Love that pink on you!
    I also don't wear pinks on my nails that often since I don't really think it looks good with my Asian skintone! LOL